Guidance Department

The NCC Guidance Department is a resource center offering a variety of information to assist students in high school academic success, college search, career exploration, test prep, and personal growth.  The two counselors, along with the school chaplain, are dedicated to fostering the successful academic, personal, spiritual and vocational growth of every student.  Counselors work with students individually as well as in groups in a variety of academic, social, and emotional areas.

Academic Counseling

Counselors collaborate with the student, their parents and teachers to create the schedule that is best for that student. Counselors will monitor students’ progress throughout the year and take appropriate action to promote the student achievement (meet with student/parent/teachers).


College & Career Counseling

Counselors provide both group and individual meetings to promote college and career readiness, including a financial aid workshop, and a college planning night.

Counselors will assist students in completing applications for college admissions, scholarships and financial aid forms.  Current scholarship opportunities are updated and sent to students and parents via the Plus Portal.

Counselors meet with student to create and update accounts for their Individual Learning Plans (ILP), and My College Options, to aid students in college and career research.  College representatives from various colleges schedule visits to NCC through the Guidance Department (mostly in the fall).  All students are welcome to meet with the representatives.  Students are also encouraged to visit college campuses.  (Juniors and seniors are allowed to schedule up to 3 college campus visits provided they follow the NCC policy as outlined in their student handbook).

On Site College Admissions:  Thomas More College, Northern Kentucky University, and the University of Louisville come to NCC to meet individually with students to complete the admission process.  

Seniors who commit to a college/university and are accepting a merit-based scholarship are invited to the annual Academic Signing event held at NCC in May.


Leadership Opportunities

The Guidance Department provides a variety of leadership opportunities throughout the school year as well as during the summer months.  Leadership opportunities and camps are open to all students.  Each spring information about summer camps and leadership opportunities is posted in the Guidance Center and on the Plus Portal for current students.  These summer opportunities vary each year.

AHEC Health Career Showcase – a one day Health Career Fair sponsored by North Central AHEC for junior and seniors.

Anthony Munoz Leadership Seminar – a one day leadership seminar for 15 faculty recommended/nominated students. For more information, visit the Anthony Munoz Organization.

Governor’s School for the Arts – a three-week residential summer program before the junior or senior year.  Contact the NCC Art Department Chair for more information.  

Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs – a three-week program for 9th, 10th, and 11th graders, or contact the NCC Business Department Chair. 

Governor’s Scholar Program – a five-week residential program during the summer before the senior year,

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar (HOBY) – a three–day summer leadership program for 1- 2 rising juniors. Selection is based on an essay the student submits during the fall of the sophomore year. Learn more at

Kentucky Girls/Boys State – a one week leadership opportunity for junior girls and boys who are interested in learning about government and citizenship in the State of Kentucky or

Regional Youth Leadership (RYL) – a once-per-month leadership development program for 1-2 high school juniors. Applications and acceptance is in the winter of the sophomore year. (

University of Cincinnati/Carl Lindner College of Business – 2 juniors/seniors interested in business are invited to an informational counselors breakfast. (one in the fall and one in the spring).  Contact the NCC Business Chair for more information. 

UK Rising Star – University of Kentucky invites one rising junior to campus for events during the summer. Selection is based on student’s GPA, RANK and interest in UK. 

West Point Leadership and Ethics Seminar – a one day leadership conference offered annually to 2 sophomores (selected by social studies department/student government).  Contact the NCC Business Chair for more details.  

Youth Summit – a one day leadership seminar hosted by the Campbell County Drug Free Alliance is open to students in grades 9-12 who are a member of the Make a Change Club.


Personal Counseling

Counselors work with students on issues that prevent students from performing their best in the classroom and school environment, including but not limited to: depression, stress/anxiety management, grief counseling, drug and alcohol education, and suicide prevention awareness. When needed, the counselor will provide parents with information on community resources for professional diagnosis and therapy.

Standardized Testing

The counselors oversee the standardized testing administration (High School Placement Test [HSPT], PreACT [practice ACT], PSAT [practice SAT]), and all AP exams. Mrs. Jill Aseltyne, English Chairperson, will serve as the ACT coordinator.

More Guidance Services

The Guidance Department schedules guest speakers to inform and educate students on topics such as Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Internet safety, Safe environment (sexual abuse prevention) and Suicide prevention, and Mental Health Awareness. 

The Guidance Department also works closely with the Athletic Department in regards to the academic eligibility requirements for participation at the NCAA Division I & II level, as well as the NAIA.  Student athletes should notify the Guidance Department of their interest in playing at the collegiate level at the start of their freshman year (in high school) so that the counselors can closely monitor their course selections and academic progress (grades/gpa).

Guidance Club

Make a Change Club is a student-led club open to all students who want to recognize and help with issues facing NCC students and community such as, but not limited to, bullying, drug abuse prevention, stress/mental illness.

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Stephanie Osterhage, – Personal Counselor

Jill Aseltyne, – College & Career Counselor