Transfer to NCCHS

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Transfer Student Process

Newport Central Catholic does accept transfer students in good standing.  Here is the process:

Step 1: Family contacts administrative offices.  If a family contacts a teacher or coach, they should be directed to the administrative offices.

Step 2: NCC has an in-person meeting with the student and parents/guardians to discuss the nature of the transfer.

Step 3: Request from family to provide academic transcripts and behavioral report.  If unable, NCC inquires with the transferring school.  If it is within the Diocese, a phone call is made to the transferring school Principal.

Step 4: If accepted, NCC requests official transcripts & records from transferring school.

Step 5: Scheduling and Tuition are set up.

Step 6: Student attends NCC during a minimum 25 day probationary period.

For more information on transferring to NCC, please contact Mrs. Stefanie Gray, Assistant Principal, at (859) 292-0001 or