The Five Pillars of Newport Central Catholic

The Five Pillars

Our Five Pillars are our foundational pillars or core values of our school culture and are intentionally embedded in all that we do.  They guide our decision making and keep our identity true.  It is one thing to say we center our school around faith or that we are a family, but with no action these are just claims. These Five Pillars are found in our everyday school operations as they have been brought to the forefront with more intentionality than ever before affecting policies, classroom procedures, weekly schedules, and our facilities, all further. These Five Pillars are inspired from our rich tradition of ANDP, OLP, and NC and define us. Our unique identity is what drives the support of our community. Embracing our genuineness and focusing on becoming the best version of ourselves is what God calls us to do.

Pillar of Faith
At the foundation of everything we stand for, you can find our faith in Jesus Christ the son of God. Our academics, character, community stewardship and family are all in the pursuit of eternal heaven.  Our #1 mission at NCC is to help students get to heaven. Faith Initiatives: Morning prayer, Saints of the day, Prayer before the start of every class, Class Masses on Pillar Wednesday’s, All School Masses at Parish Churches, 4 years of Required Theology Classes, Religious displays throughout the building, St. John Paul II Chapel, and more!
Pillar of Family

At NCC, students develop a sense of Family that extends beyond the traditional sense of the word. Students will develop lifelong connections with classmates, faculty, and alumni.

Family initiatives: Pep Rallies, Blue & Gold Friday’s, Grade school visits and outreach efforts, Teachers in the hallways during classes, small student body, staff familiarity with students, and more!

Pillar of Academic Excellence

We are proud to address the whole student, and through this we ensure academic rigor. There is ongoing discussion concerning academic rigor and a challenge to EACH student to perform to the best of his/her ability. This may mean a student looks to challenge themselves in our numerous AP courses, Dual Credit options, or Honors classes. On the other hand, some students need the support of the Academic Enhancement Program to meet their greatest standard. Others may pursue our quickly developing trade/ vocational options. The students in between can find challenges in the variety of our newly branded electives offered in our school curriculum.

Academic Excellence Initiatives: AP, Honors, & Dual Credit Courses, ACT, Diocesan, and State Standard Curriculum Alignment, National Honors Society (NHS), Multi-million dollars of college scholarships offered to graduating students, Teacher Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s), Formal use of College Equipped Readiness Tool (CERT), Teacher Office Hours, St. Joseph Institute, and more!  

Pillar of Character Development

Our faculty and staff take the approach that our students are more than test scores. Along with the disciplines needed to run a private Catholic school effectively, we have intentional initiatives that improve the character of our students. They are God’s creations and the future of our world. We are preparing students for life and most importantly for heaven. With this in mind there is no greater investment of time, talent or treasure than in Catholic Education.

Character Development Initiatives: Discipline system, Dress code, High student involvement in athletics, drama, and clubs, Guest speakers, Thoroughbred 101, and more!

Pillar of Community Stewardship

Our school would not exist if it were not for the generous giving of time, talent and treasure. Our foundations were built by a number of Catholic vocations that inspired alumni to support our missions. Our alumni and community stakeholders monetarily support a significant amount of scholarships and tuition assistance programs so all students can have the opportunity to receive an education at Newport Central Catholic. As a tribute to all of this, we push our students to give back and establish giving as a life long promise including service requirements.

Community Stewardship Initiatives: Student Service Hour Requirements, Friends Assisting NCC (FAN) Club for parents/guardians and alumni, Service Saturdays, Student Campus Clean Up Days,  Work-Study Program, Scholarships made possible by generous donors, Annual Appeal to support NCC, “Looking Up” Capital Campaign, and more! 

Pillar Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, we have a designated time block in which students are divided up into sub groups, typically based on grade level, in which they take part in an activity that reinforces one of our five pillars: Faith, Family, Academic Excellence, Character Development, or Community Stewardship.  We call this “Pillar Wednesday”.  On a given Pillar Wednesday, the Senior Class may be visiting a grade school in a mentorship program (Family), the Juniors may be celebrating Mass in the Chapel (Faith), the Sophomores may be doing a campus cleanup (Community Stewardship), and the Freshmen may be hearing from a guest speaker on the topic of Anxiety (Character Development).  We are truly dedicated to offering a well-rounded, holistic and enjoyable experience for our students and this is one intentional way we do this.