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Looking Up Capital Campaign

The Looking Up Capital Campaign is NOW ACTIVE and it supports much more than just brick and mortar.  It is a call to our community supporters to author the next chapter in the history of Newport Central Catholic.

To excel and compete with the educational offerings in NKY and the region, NCC has gone through extensive collaborative and comprehensive planning. Implementation of the 2019 Master Plan focused on facility upgrades reaffirms NCC’s commitment to the Catholic Faith, Family, Academics, Character, and Stewardship. 

The NCC Strategic Plan to 2030 provides a general assessment of NCC’s current state and focuses on a process-oriented approach based on research, controllable factors, and leveraging opportunities. Facility upgrades are a part of the master plan, but buildings alone will not address all of the needs and challenges NCC is currently facing. Curriculum updates, staff accountability pieces, innovative programs, strategic marketing are all central to the successful implementation of the strategic plan. Continued improvement is pivotal to the success of the NCC mission. The Strategic Plan commits NCC to focus on retaining an idealistic 100% of the students in Diocesan grade schools and to enroll as many students as possible from other grade schools depending on population disbursement.

A Fund-Raising Feasibility Study was commissioned in the Spring of 2020. NCC gathered input and advice, evaluated programs and facilities, and tested donors affirmation of the five strategic pillars including Faith, Family, Academics, Character Development, and Community Stewardship.

The study received input from a cross-section of parents, grandparents, alumni, prospective future parents, NCC faculty, staff, and the administration. The Master Plan booklet was presented, and data was collected relating to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to NCC. Essential fund-raising data was also collected, and a proposed campaign case statement with funding objectives was evaluated. Over one-hundred individuals were involved. As the study concluded, the Diocese of Covington welcomed Bishop John C. Iffert as the new Bishop of Covington and the Strategic Plan welcomed his added input and advice as well as his approval to move forward.

On February 11th, 2022 the results of the feasibility study were presented to Bishop Iffert and NCC received approval from Bishop Iffert and the Diocese to move forward with a non-public (Silent) phase to involve NCC key stakeholders. The Silent Phase generated $6.8 million in support and opened way to a more public phase with a goal of $13 million in estimated needs for four key funding objectives…

1. $2.1 million for the renovation of our third floor into a state-of-the-art Science Learning Center.

2. $2 million in facility and campus upgrades – Front entrance improvement, Main drive improvements, HVAC upgrades, and Roofing replacement/repairs

3. $1 million to eliminate debt and increase revenue.

4. $7.9 million for the construction of a new multi-purpose athletic complex.

On February 2, 2023, NCC held the Looking Up Campaign Kickoff event with keynote speaker Matthew Kelly of Dynamic Catholic Institute.  At the event, it was announced that $8.1 million were committed thus far to the campaign.  Attendees of the event have been called upon to support the Looking Up efforts. 

In the months of February through April 2023, efforts continue with internal NCC staff in garnering support for the campaign and the Lead Gift Committee made of NCC community volunteers are also engaging specific community members for support.

In the upcoming months, NCC will provide the opportunity and humbly ask the support of all community members to support the Looking Up Campaign to author the next chapter of Newport Central Catholic High School.

Looking Up Campaign Kick Off Event

On February 2, 2023, The Looking Up Campaign Kick Off Event took place at NCC.

Watch the Event

Lead Gift Committee

Volunteer Community Members of NCC are now engaging potential supporters of the Looking Up Campaign.

Silent Phase

At the November 2022 Winners’ Circle, Looking Up Campaign Chairman Pat Burke announced $6.8 million committed by way of a Silent Phase toward a $13 million goal.

Questions about the Looking Up Campaign? Contact Elle McFarland, Advancement Director, at (859) 292-0001 or emcfarland@ncchs.com.