Academic Tracks

 At Newport Central Catholic there are three basic Academic Tracks: Honors, College or College/Career. These tracks, detailed below, are fluid in the four years for students on The Hill. Students can transition from one track to another from semester to semester as long as the student is on track to meet graduation requirements. 

Ninety percent of our graduates at NCC go on to traditional four year colleges/universities. This tracking system continues to support the overwhelming majority of our students and provides more rigorous opportunities in Advancement Placement (AP), Honors Courses, and Dual Credit; however, our academic programs also maximize the chances of success after high school graduation for ALL students by offering trade career and technical educational opportunities by way of the St. Joseph Institute (SJI). 

We take pride in walking with our students and families to discern the gifts and passions of our students to discover the best versions of themselves whether that is attending prestigious universities, traditional four year college experiences, two year community college programs, career & technical education programs, joining the military, becoming a priest, and/or going to work.

Academic Track Sequencing