These highlights from the Newport Central Catholic’s brand guidelines highlight some of our new key assets and give a quick overview of our refreshed brand and communicate its core story to aid the production of future material to ensure consistency across future visual and written communication. You can dive into our full guidelines here.

Our Primary Institutional Mark

Our primary Institutional mark is inspired by the OLP dome and current location of our grotto on The Hill.

Our Heritage Mark

Our heritage logo represents N = Newport, C = Central, + Catholic.  The variation of these interlocking letters can be found before and after the NC and OLP merger.


We Believe, a tagline rooted in the tradition of Newport Catholic, speaks to our Faith and our belief that we can achieve anything.


These five pillars are at the foundation of NCC: Faith, Family, Character, Academics, and Community.


The Horse Head is moving forward, always climbing, just as our school.  Its cross bridle is a nod to our Faith and the five points of the mane symbolize our Five Pillars.


Breds is an often referenced nickname for our mascot.  The Horseshoe “D” reiterates our Thoroughbred work ethic.


The jockey silk argyle pattern promotes our Thoroughbred mascot as the fast and hard working of all horses.


“A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” -Matthew 5:14.  This logo is inspired by the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky skyline.  Our unique geographical location allows for an incredible view, but also an opportunity to display our Faith and Family for the Greater Cincinnati area to see.

Questions about our brand? Contact Advancement Director, Elle McFarland-Patton at or 859.655.6074