Curriculum Guide & Graduation Requirements

 In accordance with the policies of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the Diocese of Covington, and Newport Central Catholic, a student needs the following credits to graduate from NCC.

Theology—4 credits

English—4 credits

Mathematics—4 credits

Science—3 credits

Social Studies—3 credits

Health & Physical Education—1 credit

Fine Arts—1 credit

Electives—Since study halls do not impact course credit, grades, or GPA, each semester a student is registered for a study hall would impact number of possible elective credits. Some NCC electives are required in this count to graduate. Foreign language credits for the PCC are counted under this category.

7 credits required; 12 credits possible



As outlined in the student handbook, a student must maintain a passing grade in each course to successfully achieve the objectives of and pass the course.

Newport Central Catholic students who successfully meet these NCC graduation requirements, with rare exception, meet the pre-college curriculum established by the Kentucky Council on Higher Education. However, students who are seriously considering college are advised to include at least two years of foreign language study, an additional one or two laboratory science courses, a fine arts course, and at least one semester of computer education. College-bound students should have familiarity and experience with the computer’s potential beyond entertainment.