Catholic Identity

In accordance with Newport Central Catholic’s history and traditions, our Catholic identity, and our mission as a Diocesan high school, our faith is infused into all school activities. From the classroom to the field to the stage and beyond, we teach our students in the faith by word and deed.

Additionally, we also offer various ways to practice the Catholic faith right on campus. Led by our pastoral staff, we regularly offer Mass, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and other services.


Grade Levels will rotate weekly celebrating Mass each month in the school chapel with one of our Diocesan Parish priests. All-school Masses will take place at our four feeding grade schools' main churches for major feast days and school celebrations when we are in school.

Priest Presence

Our school chaplain, Rev. AJ Gedney maintains an active role on campus and can be reached at Our Pastor Administrator is Rev. Michael Comer and can be reached at


During the seasons of Advent and Lent, all-school confessions are held to offer our students the opportunity to deepen their faith in those disciplined times of the liturgical year. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is also made available on a regular basis throughout the school year.

Community Service

Each new school year, students will be given a Service Project Packet. Students are required to complete one major community service project in the course of the school year where they will have the opportunity to partner with a local outreach agency. They are also required to complete additional miscellaneous volunteer hours at school sponsored events, through their parish, and/or within the greater community.

Dynamic Catholic Institute Partnership

We are excited to be engaged in a partnership with Dynamic Catholic Institute (DCI) founded by Matthew Kelly. To launch this partnership, DCI graciously donated 8,000 Holy Moments books to NCC for all students, staff, parents/guardians, and alumni. Holy Moments will be read throughout Lent 2023. Furthermore, within this partnership, NCC will assign a Dynamic Catholic book for summer reading to all students and staff. Parents/Guardians and alumni will also all be invited to join this initiative each school year. The book choice will shape the theme for the school year and other events. During the second semester of the school year, all students in their respective theology classes will read another DCI book. This partnership does not replace any theology curriculum aligned to Diocesan standards, rather it helps strengthen it. For more information on Dynamic Catholic, visit