Thoroughbred Athletics

As one of Northern Kentucky’s winningest athletic programs, NCC takes pride in the ongoing successes of the student-athletes, their coaches, and families.

Championship Tradition & Opportunity

Year after year, students bring home team and individual trophies that reflect years of hard work and athletic excellence. Not only in a single sport, our student-athletes achieve success across the board. The athletic department’s philosophy, though, emphasizes that our young men and women are students, first, and then competitors in their sports. The values of teamwork, hard work, and discipline our students are learning through practice and competition are the perfect complement to everything we teach in our Catholic faith and in every classroom.

While NCC is proud of the dozens of regional and state championships our athletes have brought home through the years, we are continuously encouraged by the fact that student participation in our athletic programs remains high. More than two-thirds of our students compete in varsity-level sports, not to mention the many involved at the freshman and junior varsity levels. And, on average, all our student-athletes participate in about 1.5 sports per student.

For any questions regarding athletics, contact Jeff Schulkens, Athletic Director, at (859) 292-0001 or