Technology and Education

At Newport Central Catholic, our teaching staff uses a balance of technology and traditional resources of teaching to help students develop a healthy and educational relationship with technology.


At NCC, all students receive a Chromebook as an incoming freshmen include with tuition costs and made possible by generous supporters.  We have policies in place to help with the learning of responsible usage of these devices and the Google platform.

We follow the principles stated by the BREDS technology handbook formulated by Catholic values. The main principles of the technology handbook are governed by the five areas that BREDS stand for: Basic information needed as you begin life on “The Hill”, Rules and regulations that dictate what is and is not acceptable behavior, Etiquette expected by all students while enrolled on the hill, Disciplinary actions that can and will be taken if students violate the regulations, and Scholarship that the technological devices provide.

The primary function of the Chromebook is to enhance student engagement and understanding in all classes. Students will be expected to use their Chromebooks for educational and academic reasons. Newport Central Catholic is embraces such technology in the classroom and with the help of the students, community, teachers and staff feel it will enhance the overall experience of our students and institution, while also knowing other resources are important.

Getting Started Is Easy

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As an 8th grader, take the High School Placement Test to determine scholarships and class level placements.
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